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  • Class assistant in medicine
  • Class assistant in Preventive & Social Medicine
  • Certification of Honors in Clinical Medicine , Preventive & Social Medicine
  • Gold Medal in Medicine & Preventive & Social Medicine from CNME
  • Gold Medal in Clinical Medicine



  • Prof. P. C. Das, MD ICALI. FICA (USA,. FCCP (USA)

  • Ex Professor Director. Dept of Medicine. Calcutta National Medical College : Senior Visiting Professor, Chitaranjan Hospital, Kolkata.

  • Extra Moral Teacher, College of Medicine. Calcutta University:

  • Ex Medical Consultant, Jadavapur University and Students Health Home. Kolkata

  • Ex Member, Board of Studies, Calcutta  University.

  • Ex Assistant  Secretary, Cardiological Society of India,

  • Ex Visiting  Physician , Balanada, Brahmachari Hospital, Behala, Kolkata:

  • Sectional Chairman, APICON 90: Member, Advisory Board, APICON 99:

  • Sectional President (Medical), Indian Science Congress, 2001:

  • External Medical Expert, State Electricity Medical Board, West Bengal:

  • Distiguished Member, American Biographical Society:

  • Sectional Secretory, World Congress of Cardiology in Two Sections, held in New Delhi, 1966:

  • Chairperson, Third International Multifaculty Medical Conference, New Delhi.1994:

  • Undergraduate and Post-graduate Paper Setter and Examiner in Medicine, University of Calcutta, North Bengal, Guwahati, Dibrugarh, Aligarh, Ranchi, Sambalpur, Manipur, Silchar, Bhagalpur etc

  • Life Member, Association of Physician of India;

  • Life Member, Cardiological Society of India:

  • Life Member, Indian Science Congress Association:

  • Life Member, The Asoatic Society:

  • Zonal medical referee, Life Insurance Corporation of India:

  • Member, Governing Body, Bharat Sebarshram Sangha:

  • Director, Bharat Sebasram Sangha Contenary Hospital, Joka and Pranabanada Seva Niketam, Kolkata


Research and Publications

  • 49 Research articles in Medicine 
  • Author of  Text Book of Medicine 
  • Author of Text Book of Clinical Medicine(Forthcoming)

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